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Julie McCormick's (formerly Julie Muller Stahl) artistic life began as a dancer. During the '90s, she danced professionally with Hubbard Street Dance Company, FELD Ballets/NY and Twyla Tharp Dance Company. After retiring from the stage, she pursued another passion: design. Ms. McCormick attended the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in NYC for Interior Design and worked for the renowned firm, Clodagh Design. Subsequently, she started her own business bridging marketing and cutting edge design and designers thru innovative, conceptual means. This work led her to curate an exhibition that premiered at Parsons School of Design. Princeton Architectural Press then asked her to author the related book entitled 'DISH', featuring an extensive group of international designers - all women. In 2011, life changes led her to happily settle in Annapolis, Maryland with her husband. From 2018 thru 2020, she designed the windows at Taylor's Collective in Ellicott City, an activity that satisfied the curator, artist and designer in her . She looks forward to exploring more possibilities in window design, visual merchandising and storefront display. Julie is also an avid sailor and founder of Annapolis Tango.

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Julie’s approach to window design seeks to enhance and elevate the store’s brand in a variety of ways: bridging a gap between commerce and culture, creating an unforgettable experience or presenting a vision into another world. The goal is to capture the attention of the passersby - drivers and pedestrians alike - and generate enough interest and intrigue to stop them in their tracks, want more and walk thru the shop door. With a more minimalist approach, Julie produces dramatic, succinct and sometimes provocative statements that can be understood with a fleeting glance. In this, she has been successful in stopping people in their tracks, generating an emotional response and, most importantly, interest that extends beyond the windows to the products inside the store.

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